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:: Objectives of Sri Viswaroopa Panchamukha Anjaneya Swami Foundation ::

icon To establish institutions for promoting religious harmony among the various religions and to         promote international spacebrotherhood.

icon To propagate Mantra shastra including Tantra and Yantra shastras:

space icon To institute and provide scholarships for economically weak students for studying the above          shastras

space icon To acquire rights and publish simple books and magazines / periodicals in different languages         for interpreting the above shastras

space icon To distribute, free of cost, among the students, pamphlets & booklets on the fundamentals of         above mentioned shastras.

icon To establish libraries and book banks for the promotion of knowledge, wisdom and gnana.

icon To organize and conduct Dharmashalas (for annadhanam-poor feeding ) for the poor and needy.

icon To maintain Ghoshalas (protection for abandoned cows) as per convention and Indian heritage.

icon To organize and conduct educational and cultural tours.

icon To honour the memory of great saints, philosophers and national heroes.

icon To cultivate, establish and maintain plants, trees and medicinal herbs.

icon To maintain ponds, tanks and other water bodies for the preservation and perpetuation of natural     beauty, greenery and ecology.

icon To promote Siddha and Ayurvedic medical utilisation.

icon To work for the promotion of Indian heritage, culture, architecture, mythology, Vedas and     shastras.

spaceicon by conducting lectures, satsung, discourses and seminars

spaceicon by instituting and providing scholarships for studying shastras

spaceicon by distributing free of cost, among the students, pamphlets & booklets on the fundamentals of space Indian culture

spaceicon by organising seminars, exhibitions & festivals making audio and video tapes to depict the           fundamental features of Indian heritage etc.

spaceicon by encouraging students in schools to memorise important passages from scriptures, epics           and other works of spaceall religions and to recite them daily and by holding recitation and other           competitions in schools and colleges and space distributing prizes to students.

icon To ensure that while achieving the above objectives, caste, creed, gender, religion and status     shall not come in the spaceway of determining the deserving and the needy.