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:: Progress of the Project ::

The Project to establish an Ashram and to install a 40 feet Viswaroopa Panchamukha Anjaneya Swami Murti was conceived and undertaken in 1993. After deciding on the site for the Ashram, a search was launched for a suitable stone. Divine guidance pointed towards Karnataka, India as the location of the required stone.

The search in the state of Karnataka yielded the much sought-after result. In a granite quarry in Hassan,Karnataka, India, a massive single green granite stone measuring 36 feet X 20 feet X 10 feet and weighing around 300 tons was found. This stone was excavated, trimmed and shaped and the weight was reduced to around 220 tons, so as to make its transportation easy.

The job of transporting this gigantic stone was entrusted to M/s. Natwar Parikh Industries Limited, Mumbai. The loading operations were started on 9-9-2001 and the Swami stone loaded on a 15 axle trailer with 120 tyres commenced its journey on 27-09-2001 and reached destination on 21-10-2001. The sculpturing job was entrusted to M/s. Nagaraj Sthapathi & Sons, Chennai, India and they commenced their job 26-10-2001- Vijayadasami Day.

A Panchaloha Panchamukha Anjaneya Swami Moola Mantra Yantra was designed and Prana pradhishta for this Moola Mantra Yantra ( 2 ' x 2 ' = 100 Kg Weight) was performed. It was kept for daily pooja at our Ashram at West Mambalam,Chennai for a few months. This Yantra was installed and on top of the Yantra, the Swami Murti was installed. The Yantra Pradhista ceremony was conducted on 22-March-2004, amidst chanting of vedic mantras by our pundits.

The swami stone was installed on 5-Apr-2004.Astabandhana Mahasamprokshanam was performed on 6-June-2004.Elaborate Poojas,vedic chanting and Homas were done for 3 days and finally the Swami was consecreted with holy water.During this time, a Garuda,the holy vehicle of Lord Vishnu, was seen circling the deity, which is an indicator of auspiciousness.Lakhs of people participated in the celebrations.

Daily Poojas with Naivedyam are being conducted to Sri Panchamukha Hanuman six times a day as indicated in the shastras.The Naivedyam is then distributed to all devotees.

The next step is the construction of super structure /Gopuram. We look forward to support from devotees in acheiving this noble task.

Jai Hanuman!